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We bring the party and the wonder into your home!

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Ten Lampenhove 5, 9890 Dikkelvenne, Belgium

Who are we?

Sabrine & Sylvie, mother and daughter with an unbreakable bond

Sociable, both bon vivants pur sang, and at the same time always busy creating small happinesses and grand memories for others, where necessary and where possible.

We always look forward to our family celebrations with great impatience. We cherish our family, togetherness and the accompanying sense of belonging. Christmas, for example, is one big warm and cozy feast for us, a true happening with an almost cinematic allure.

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About Lasiertable
About Lasiertable

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Life is a party,

one to which everyone is invited

Wonder at your home

We make your table the eye-catcher of your event and your home. This way your dinner becomes a total experience that will remain with you for a long time to come.

We surprise your guests

With a decorative setting that flatters all their senses, by not only playing with colors but also conjuring with light, scent, texture and even music.

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How does it work?

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A beautiful dinner for a perfect date

Discuss your
do's and don'ts

A beautiful dinner for a perfect date

We develop
your creative concept

A beautiful dinner for a perfect date

Organize an
unforgettable party!

A beautiful dinner for a perfect date

We wash the
dishes for you

Cosy together

Our beautifully decorated Christmas trees

We decorate your Christmas tree! Don't worry, just enjoy.

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Our guests

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With the perfectly decorated table of Lasiertable I hosted the perfect dinner.

Jessica Jensen

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Lasiertable is also the creative choice for professionals

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Ten Lampenhove 5,
9890 Dikkelvenne,
Sylvie: +32 474 75 21 63
Sabrine: +32 472 25 21 36

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