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I had a dream. I was decorating tables in people's homes. I woke up happy.
- Sylvie Zabek

We always look forward to our family celebrations with great impatience. We cherish our family, togetherness and the accompanying sense of belonging. Christmas, for example, is one big warm and cozy feast for us, a true happening with an almost cinematic allure

Sabrine & Sylvie, mother and daughter, two inspired souls with an unbreakable bond, always and forever linked by the same caring nature and the same positive disposition. Best friends too.

Sociable, both bon vivants pur sang, and at the same time always busy creating small happinesses and grand memories for others, where necessary and where possible.

It was written in the stars that their professional ambitions would one day intertwine.

Sylvie Zabek

As a young multilingual entrepreneur of many markets at home, Sylvie has achieved her successes in recent years, especially in the field of international project development. However, her aspirations extend as far as her interests. She also has a soft spot for green energy, artificial intelligence (AI), digital marketing and interior design.

Sabrine de Ruysscher

Mama Sabrine is an equally busy bee. Parallel to her work in the local trade, an unmistakable feeling for interior decoration and table decoration developed. A talent that has never been used professionally before. Until now...

“I had a dream. I was decorating tables in people's homes. I woke up happy”

Sylvie Zabek

In 2020, the ladies decide to join their dreams and their strengths and to invest their shared enthusiasm in a new adventure that will be called Lasiertable.

Weding table

Lasiertable. What's in a name? Well, a lot actually.

The ladies wanted to see a part of their vision represented in the name within each.

Sylvie preferred the word table because of its international and intercultural symbolism. All over the world, a table is the piece of furniture where things traditionally happen. People eat, drink, work, study or play on it. But above all, it is the place where people come TOGETHER to catch up with a meal, to laugh, to discuss, to remember, to plan, to comfort, ...

“The table bears the annual rings of our grief, of our struggle, but above all of the dialogue and the intense joy.”

Koen Lemmens

Sabrine, in turn, wanted to refer to the stylish decorative aspect of the new service, to the thoughtful approach and the intended result. Gracefully summed it up nicely for her.

The table was eventually given a more melodic translation with accompanying article, and the remaining ornamental - a French loanword that originally meant welcome for the Middle Dutch to finery was renamed - allowed to connect both.

Lasiertable (/lasjeetablɘ/) was born.

Table One
Table Two

For Sylvie and Sabrine, life is a party, one to which everyone is invited.

“Do what makes you happy, be with who makes you smile, laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live”

This is their credo. Their shared mission is also born from this philosophy: to create intense moments of bliss for other people.

How can they do that better than with something that makes them happy. Something that gives them energy and satisfaction, that they are good at and where they can use their unbridled creativity.

Suppose you are organizing a private dinner. Just because you like to welcome people into your home and into your heart. You may have something to celebrate soon: a birth, birthday, communion, engagement, wedding, anniversary, promotion, or some other milestone in your life that deserves to be remembered in a special way.

But what if you lack the time or inspiration to make it truly beautiful and memorable?

With Lasiertable we bring the party and wonder into your home!

We make your table the eye-catcher of your event and your home. We surprise your guests with a decorative setting that flatters all their senses, by not only playing with colors but also conjuring up with light, scent, texture and even music. This way your dinner becomes a total experience that will remain with you for a long time to come.